Sunday, December 10, 2017

From Valerie's Kitchen to Mine (Book Review)

I'm enjoying writing cookbook reviews as I'm testing recipes I'd never made before.

I receive no money for the cookbook reviews-just the book, which I pass on just after reviewing.

From Valerie's Home Cooking, my "first" was Egg Rolls.  The egg roll wrappers, found in the produce section of my grocery store, contain enriched wheat flour, vinegar, egg and non-GMO cornstarch.  (60 calories each)  I have to monitor my sodium intake and I could fit 130 mg sodium each into my diet.  The wrappers do not have whole grains, but the corn in the filling is whole grain.  The spinach, beans and cheese also in the filling are a great fit for most healthy diets.
We enjoyed these as dinner and lunch entrees, with the fresh tomato salsa on the side.  The egg rolls are baked, not fried. 

There are selections fitting for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.  The Almond Apricot Muesli combined whole grains, calcium, nuts and dried fruit in this filling "rise and shine" cereal.
There is a nice selection of protein sources in the book.  When I planned my weeks' menu around testing the cookbook, it was easy to select beef, poultry, vegetarian beans, grains and egg choices.  The only non-cookbook entree I filled in for the week was seafood.  Here's Sloppy Joe and Slow Cooker Beef Giardiniere.

That's Tater Tots with the Beef Giardiniere.  The selection at the top of the post is Turkey Meatloaf and Roasted Radishes (which were very tasty).  

I loved the Applesauce Cake, which I made in individual tins with whole wheat flour and less sugar.  That's Quinoa Salad with Lime Cilantro Dressing.  Together, with a little Gruy√®re Cheese, it made a delicious luncheon.

Valerie says to imagine you are on vacation when eating your lunch.  I did just that!

I used more eggs this week (some for washes and binders) than normally and much more ketchup and mustard.  Except for Tater Tots (the recipe was for 12 and I was not successful at making 2) and Spiced Pepitas (I burned the seeds), all of the recipe were successful and delicious.

Thank you Time Inc. books for the review copy!

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